The 'You Are My Destiny' Bracelet



This gorgeous bracelet is entitled “you are my destiny” as it is made from a Japanese 5 yen coin also known as the “go-en” of destiny. Many Japanese people believe that having a 5 yen coin with them will help the universe find what it has in store for them and brings them the good luck that is meant to be. The Japan mint started issuing these coins in 1959 and they are still in circulation. The image is on the obverse side of the coin and has a large bending stalk of rice at the top representing agriculture and the value of the coin is written at the bottom in water which represents the fisheries. This remarkable coin makes a fantastic jewellery piece due to the luck it’s supposed to bring and it has been cut so flawlessly too. The coin is attached to a simplistic link chain to create a beautiful piece to adorn on your wrist.





- All items are made to order. Production lead time is around 4-8 weeks. Please contact us first for urgent order. 所有飾品都是訂製,需時大約四至八個星期,如有急單,請先聯絡。

- Coin is not precious metal so coin accessories should be kept away from water. 硬幣飾品不是貴金屬,必須要避免濕水,所以在沖涼、浸浴、游水等等的活動前,必須除低。

Each of our items are packaged in a wooden jewelry box presenting a sense of primitive simplicity.

​Personalized Inscription
Name, initial or short message up to 16 english letters (single line) could be engraved on the box to make your gift more personalized.

Have no clue what to inscribe? HERE are some examples.

Environmentally Friendly
The compartment is removable to allow the gift recipient to reuse the gift box as a storage box.

Points to note:

The package boxes are made of natural wood so each box is different. The boxes in these pictures would not be the exact box that you would be receiving.