Ring with the British 20 Pence (2008-2016)



Composition of the coin: Cupro-nickel

Inner part: With 925 silver lining

Finish: Non-plated. Polish to shiny


- Made to order. Customers please provide ring size for production. 
- Size cannot be changed after the ring is done since repetitive tapping and polishing would lead to distortion and blur on the pattern.

- Please contact us first to confirm availability of coin.

Each of our items are packaged in a wooden jewelry box presenting a sense of primitive simplicity.

​Personalized Inscription
Name, initial or short message up to 16 english letters (single line) could be engraved on the box to make your gift more personalized.

Have no clue what to inscribe? HERE are some examples.

Environmentally Friendly
The compartment is removable to allow the gift recipient to reuse the gift box as a storage box.

Points to note:

The package boxes are made of natural wood so each box is different. The boxes in these pictures would not be the exact box that you would be receiving.