Cufflinks with Macau Coins



Macau Old 10 Cents:

The Chinese character Fú (福) means "fortune" or "good luck". Mounted Fú can be seen on the entrances of many Chinese homes worldwide. 


The coin measures in 19mm diameter.


Macau 10 Cents and 50 Cents:

Dragon dance 舞龍 (Cantonese: Mou5 Lung4 / Mandarin: Wǔ Lóng) and lion dance 舞獅 (Cantonese: Mou5 Si1 / Mandarin: Wǔ Shī) are two forms of traditional dance and performance in Chinese culture and other Asian countries. 

The dance team mimics the supposed movements of dragon or lion in a traditional costume. The dance performance is believed to bring good luck to people. The lion dance is more popular nowadays and is most often seen in festive celebrations.

The 10 cents coin measures in 17mm diameter and the 50 cents coin is in 23mm.


Macau 20 Cents:

Chinese people would enjoy the ancient Chinese Dragon Boat Festival 端午節 (Duyn1 Ng5 Zit3 / Duān Wǔ Jié) by hitting the beach or catch some dragon boat races. Some would commemorate the festival by eating the zongzi 糉 (zung2 / zongzi). 

The Dragon Boat Festival commemorates a famous and respected poet named Qu Yuan 屈原, who was also a minister of the State of Chu 楚 that supported the fight against the increasingly powerful State of Qin 秦. Because the King supported the State of Qin, Qu Yuan was exiles for opposing the alliance and wrongfully accused of treason. Twenty-eight years later, the State of Chu was take over by the State of Qin and Yuan committed suicide out of despair of drowning himself in the Miluo River.

The local people raced out on their boats to go save Yuan or at least retrieve his body, that is where the tradition of dragon boating on this day comes from. 

In addition, Yuan’s admirers threw rice dumplings into the river so the fish would eat that instead of Yuan’s body. That is why eating zongzi is also a tradition for the Dragon Boat Festival!

The 20 cents coin measures in 20mm diameter.

Each of our items are packaged in a wooden jewelry box presenting a sense of primitive simplicity.

​Personalized Inscription
Name, initial or short message up to 16 english letters (single line) could be engraved on the box to make your gift more personalized.

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Environmentally Friendly
The compartment is removable to allow the gift recipient to reuse the gift box as a storage box.

Points to note:

The package boxes are made of natural wood so each box is different. The boxes in these pictures would not be the exact box that you would be receiving.